TBT’s Rules for Guild and Discord Conduct


  1. Be civil to other players. Everyone is here to have fun. Do not harass, bully, disrespect, cause unnecessary drama or be a jerk in general to other people in our vent, guild or farm. If you act this way you will probably be kicked or banned from our vent, guild, website, Facebook, ect.
  2. Discriminatory, racist or misogynistic language or behavior is not allowed. You are welcome to joke around but if someone is serious about being uncomfortable and asks you to stop, please stop the behavior. This includes phrases involving rape (i.e. “let’s rape the horde”).
  3. Do not do any of the following:
    1. Advertise any outside voice servers or guilds on our Discord/FB Page/Forums
    2. Post links in chat or type comments that are inappropriate
    3. Leave your mic open to annoy others
    4. Spam chat
    5. Scream into your mic
    6. Use soundboards/voice modulators
  4. In interpreting rules 1 – 3, use common sense! If you have a situational question ask a raid leader or Council member for help. We are not here to play PC Police, but we also want to foster a community that is open to everyone. Our goal is to play a friendly game of WoW where everyone feels comfortable and welcome.
  5. Say “pop” only once when your queue pops. Do not shout, repeat or sing it.
  6. Remember not to use CTR / ALT / SHIFT as your hot key for microphone if you are also using them for your in-game keybinds.

Ban Appeal and Redress System

  1. If you are kicked or banned please do not harass or argue with the raid leader who banned you over their decision. Instead, the correct way to appeal such a decision is through our ban appeal forum.
  2. If you have conflict with any other guest or member of TBT, including raid leaders or members of the leadership council itself, please bring it to our attention either in person or via our anonymous complaint tool.
  3. When making a complaint try to document the incident as much as possible. If your complaint is about guild chat or whispers take a screen shot. If something was said in discord, lodge a complaint.

Ban Policies

  1. TBT Staff reserve the right to insta-ban people as we see fit. Not all offences deserve a warning, some warrant an instant ban, specifically rules 1 – 3.
  2. TBT Staff reserve the right to Ban, Mute, Kick or take any actions that will help us to moderate The Bloodthirsty Community.
  3. TBT Staff reserve the right to give or not to give an explanation as to why another person, other than yourself, was banned.
  4. Again, if you have any questions or concerns with a ban, please file it using our system of redress

Thank you for joining TBT Alliance, for joining our premade, and for being a part of our community.

Our vision is to increase player civility in online spaces and to create a safe social atmosphere. We hope you have fun!

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