A New Beginning

Hello all of you bloodthirsty gamers out there, this is Ivir here with some brief announcements about what has changed with TBT.

The first change that everybody who is reading this should already know is that our website has changed. We’ve moved from hosting our website at Enjin to a self hosted server. The reason for this was twofold: cost and control.

The old website with Enjin cost us $9 a month. This new website will actually cost us only $5 a month and that includes the price of the domain name.

The main benefit of this new website is control. With Enjin, although we had some control over the content of the website it was limited. However, the main concern with our website was that we did not own it: Enjin did and our website only existed so long as Enjin’s service did.

Although this new website does not have as many features as the old one did, including connectivity to a linked Enjin Account, and some more sophisticated controls for our forums, these features were not enough to justify us staying with Enjin at a higher cost. No one really uses the forums anymore, and although I won’t be shutting them down I don’t feel that the increased functionality justifies the higher cost. Most of our communication is handled with the Facebook group now, and as such the forums will mainly be used for posting things like strategies and macros that people can comment on.

So what can you do on the new website? The main feature is that this is where the ban appeal forum will be. If you get banned by accident, or wish to have your ban removed for other reasons, you can do so here. You will have to register an account with the new website, which you can do by creating a custom user name or by logging in with your Facebook account. I felt that this feature, which is another feature that Enjin lacks, would serve us better considering that Facebook is where the majority of our communication takes place.

You can also post on the forums, which although have not been very active lately I will keep because some people do not have a Facebook account, or do not want to join the TBT Facebook group.

The second big change is that we are no longer using Ventrilo or Curse for our voice client. Instead, TBT will be using Discord as our voice server for the foreseeable future.

Although ventrilo was a fine voice server a decade ago, and allows for nearly infinite control and customizability, it hasn’t been updated in years. Curse client was sluggish and frankly did not meet our needs.

If you have not logged into our Discord server please take the time to do so. Discord works both in your web browser or as a standalone application for either PC or Mac, and even has a mobile app that is very stable. One of the benefits is that you can read the general chat without having to log into the voice server, all from your mobile phone.

The last big announcement that we have is that many of our players will be spending their time on Elysium’s Nostalrius Vanilla Server. That means that we currently have two guilds running: the retail guild which is on Kel Thuzad, and the vanilla guild which is on Nostalrius. Everyone is welcome to play with us and we hope to see you in game!


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